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"FreeCell" rules of the game and play     
1, each column can only move the bottom of the card, the card can not be pressed to move directly. Left transit unit cards can be moved

2, the game allows you to move the "Chase the Pig" rules and play the game card three places:

ヾ left transit unit: Condition: If there is space, then.

ゝ upper right recovery unit: Condition: A can always move to a vacancy in any other cards must be in ascending order of the same suit to move units.

ゞ a column of the following: This is the most important place for the required conditions: a column of cards must be moved in accordance with the descending order, and the colors Caught it the card game must be alternated. The only game of cards color black with red distinction, plum and black spades, diamonds and hearts in red, is the need to change the so-called alternating colors of black and red cards cards each interval.

3, you can undo the last card move, just press the F10 key on the line. But if you move finished cards, and other cards on mouse clicks, you can not undo the move card.

4, once you start a game, unless you win, otherwise, whether you are really without a license can be moved or want to quit halfway, the Put behind Council considered a failure.

Want to know the game of fighting any time, click the "game" menu, select "fighting", where you can also clear the previous record of fighting.
Strategies and skills of the game:
1, try to Flip cards make the transit unit remains empty, do not easily occupy it.

2, is pressed cards see color, right-click it will be able to see it.

3, if a column in the right order two or more than two cards, cards can exhaust the entire column to another column in good order. This column by clicking the bottom of a card, and then click the row you want to move. The Card show more empty transit unit, the greater the number of cards can be moved once. Suppose you have n empty transit unit, you can move a n + 1 Zhang good order of the cards, if there is an empty column, you can move more cards.

4, when you left last mobile license, the title bar will automatically flashes to remind you that this time 20 quotes on writing by JK Rowling be sure to look before you leap.
Games BUG
Start after pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F10, the pop-up dialog box, point "Termination", and then casually move the card to win!


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