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Big strange ways     
Big strange ways origin of the name is Niu Niu uncertain. But there is a saying that "path" refers to the number of cards the cards only four. The case then head home last hand, remain in the hands of six cards for a "big monster" and 5 together Blackjackwith the card, when the card surface when out leaflets to the big shot will no longer be 21 pointsable to blame repression , then 5 cards last shot, so this card is also called the road "big strange ways."
Developed by big strange ways out, under the same rules, four people playing two cards, also known as the strange way.

The number of 
6 people, a team of three people, different Texas Hold'emteam members sit around the seat cross.
Victory rules [edit]

Each round consists of a team in power, Zuozhuang team has its own village cards, also called the card. Zhuang card points with the team the victory rises (similar upgrade), points to the high end of the game Zhuang brand team wins (to be specified first village reached a predetermined number of points card team wins). Round, finished first out of cards called the first man home. Under a pretext home team in power, and the head to take the lead out of cards.
Zhuang brand points escalation rules 
Round, when a team of staff are all finished out of cards, the other for the rest of the people called losers. If the loser heads home and be a team, the two sides the same village card points, a team from head home the next round Zuozhuang. If the loser heads home and not a team, then the number of losers team decided to head home village card upgrade points. The number of losers is the village head home team card upgrade points. If the dealer is easy team, you need to subtract a number of grid points. Example:
Both its head round the banker, losers for the other team of 2 people, the village head home team brand rose 2 points
Makers of non-round head home, losers for the other team of 2 people, the village head home team brand rose 1 points
Makers of non-round head home, losers throwing fastfor the other team one, the village head home team card rank unchanged
Cards Information
The number of cards in numerical order according to the size of the sort: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, K, A. Each round will have a trump (card village), larger than the other trump card, but less than strange. For example, the 2, then the size of the order of cards: 3,4 ...... 10, J, Q, K, A, 2, mobs, bosses.
There are four ways big strange way cards: 1 channel, 2-way, 3-way and 5-way.
1 Road: also known as a single, followed by points according to the size of a large number of points can be connected in a single point after a small leaflet, other numbers of the cards can not be followed.
2-way: also known as right, we must be two cards of the same number of points together, regardless of color. Only large number of points to be able to suppress the small points on the other hand can not be followed by a number.
3-way: the same number of points must be three cards that together, regardless of color. Only three of the large number of points can suppress three small points, other cards can not be followed by a number.
5 Road: 5 signs starting complex, first graded, high-grade cards can suppress the low-level card. From small to large order of rank:
Straight: five non-consecutive cards of the same suit, the high points of a straight pressing points lower Junko (Junko same number of points of different colors can not suppress each other)
Flush: Also known as "rotten with flowers" is not the same suit of five consecutive cards, with the decision based on the maximum size of the flowers card points
Gourd: Also known as the "Three Zones 2" by 3 points with the cards, with two additional points cards, card size is determined according to three points
Bomb: also known as "drag", "four with a" by four points with cards with an additional number of points cards, card size is determined according to four points
Flush: Junko same suit, card size is determined by the maximum number of points
5: 5 by the same number of points cards composition, size is determined according to points
If a group of five signs at the same time satisfying the above two cases, it must be treated as the biggest of the kind, such as plum 44433 can not use the same flower.

Strange Usage 
There are two kinds of strange office reloactionusage, in addition to size itself has a number of points outside the blame can act as any card, it is also known as "wild." The only exception to this is not as big mobs strange use.
When strange as wild cards to play with the other, it should generally be described as a strange color cards Ho Ho use points. As without explanation, the default is to make this hand played cards maximum color and points.
Plus a large strange mobs itself can not constitute a pair. However, because the characteristics of wild strange, strange as large mobs can be used to form "one pair of mobs." Note that mobs can not use as a big strange, so strange a big plus mobs can not constitute a "a pair of strange." When three or more sheets of strange Similarly, it is possible to infer a way, 2-way, 3-way, 5-way theoretical maximum cards were: a large strange, a pair of strange, strange three big, "five Zhang strange "(three cards face mobs of two queen or two strange three big mobs strange).

Ask about licensing requirements 
Only when you turn the cards and hands over the cards can be pressed on hand to ask to use card number card party cards. Get a temporary card can ask one's own player card number. About the report card states:
When asked in the hands of cards over 10 A "not reported" (self-reported and number of cards as a violation with a prompt answer)
Less than 10 reported the number of copies (not A XX road)


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